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Most of us can relate to the fun we had canoeing at summer camp when we were young. But that was nothing compared to the experience of whitewater kayaking that came next for me. I have always loved canoeing, though it always seemed difficult to participate. It has only been in the last decade that the development of inflatable canoes has made a big difference. You can more easily access rivers, you can store a canoe in your car, you can even take them on a plane. They are very light, very cheap, with little loss of functionality. Perfect for weekends away or campervan holidays. Social networking was the other big change. You can now use Facebook, etc to join canoeing adventures in your local region or abroad.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strategies for a weekend adventure

I think in any city where you are surrounded by nature you want to get away for a weekend at least to escape the city. But that is not enough to preserve your interest. You can relate and read a book by a pool, but then you have probably done plenty of that in your own home city. For something new I have several ideas:
1. You take a weekend and hire a campervan and go tripping. But dont just lounge around. Find that fishing gear that you never seem to use, or borrow a friends, and get yourself a canoe so you can enjoy a new experience.
2. Go horse riding for a weekend. Find one that just doesnt walk you around the paddock but takes you up on the range, perhaps with several days camping, or maybe a shorter trip up an isolated river valley.
3. Go mountain biking through some mountain forest trails

It really doesn't cost a lot these days to participate. You can even use the same helmet for canoeing as for horse riding or mountain biking. There is decent equipment made in China if you know what you need, so there is another saving. You can even buy 2nd hand if cash is scarce. These are all great activities for families as well. All my brothers have been canoeing with me. you can buy a decent canoe for as little as $US75 depending on where you live, mountain bikes $150-175. You dont need the latest & lightest, why not start slow with a 2nd hand product. You xan always find another 'sucker' to pay what you did, unless you are real slow to sell it.

My preference is not to make these adventures a one-off but to perform them on a sub-routine basis. Clearly biking is a great activity that you can perform daily, whereas canoeing and horse riding take too much time away from the other things I do. My intent is to challenge myself in work, relationships, recreation and investment. Always seek new opportunities for a challenge. Of course you can only do one thing at a time. This is not a lesson for some. For others its a revelation. For others still, they talk it, but never seem to find the path. I hope you can find the encouragement and resources on this website to take you there.
Andrew Sheldon